Wolf – Unique Symbol of Native American

Symbol of Native American have a lot (more than 50). And a wolf is a popular one in their cultures and other things in life. Find out this mascot!

Wolves are popular animals with natural tendencies and powers. Therefore, they appear in several places and cultures with a special symbol. In general, wolves have an image of darkness, magic, love, companionship, etc. Some countries have wolves in their national icons. 

One of the most widespread cultures in which wolves have many symbols is the Native American culture. Although the culture of the USA has changed in thousands of years, the wolf symbolism remains. 

Have you ever wondered what does wolf symbolizes? What does it mean in spirits, life, dreams, and other things in the world? Why are Native Americans proud of?     

Meaning of Wolf – symbol of Native American 

Wolf symbol often constitutes communication. A wolf is considered a deity in several cultures, including Native American culture. This is because the imagery expresses compassion, family ties, loyalty, education, understanding, intelligence, and powerfulness. This is a precious symbol to humans in many regions all over the world.

symbol of native american
Wolves – a hunting standing on the planet

One of the first associations of wolves comes from their predatory position. It makes other animals mingle with risk and demolition. 

There are two sides to the wolf symbol – positive and negative. Good wolves create a warrior and bad wolves correspond to devils. Surprisingly, wolves can combine witches and witchcraft in some cultures of the world (both in Native American and North European tribes). 

In Norse folklore, for instance, Hyndla witch and Hyrrokin giantess used wolves as their vehicles instead of horses. Wolves were scared animals or witches in the clothing of the Navajo culture.

Wolf symbolism in spirits 

It is said that wolves are spirit animals. At this point, wolves come to human life to teach and support power, problems of balance, self-control, and even natural instincts. 

Wolves are considered good examples of powerful spirits with their confidence. They can fight until dead. Nonetheless, they have to participate in a combat zone. Wolves teach humans about the sacred sense of running with companies, the community spirit, and freedom when we are alone.    

Wolves symbol in Native American culture 

The wolf symbol plays an important role in Native American culture. This is because wolves represent a medicine type correlating with strength, loyalty, passion, and success on a battlefield.

As a symbol of custody, spirit, formalities, and loyalty; wolves possibly make fast and solid emotional tracks. They also have the ability to build trust from their instincts. For that reason, wolves might teach us to believe in ourselves (minds and hearts) and handle others in our lives. 

wolf symbolism
Wolves could become the mental therapy for humans

Animals entangle humans in culture and life over time. Even though animals do not have a similar language and body language like us, all civilizations contain wolves in our lives (both in the past, present, and future). 

Even animal worship is not uncommon in your culture; wolves certainly become pets in our house. They are our companionship in education, business, and daily life. Wolves are wild ancestors of dogs as well as an intrinsic part of Native American culture. 

Wolves usually keep big importance in Native Americans. They have recognized that they could not chase wolves out of their territories. Thus, they respected wolves’ boundaries, and wolves gave them the emotion. 

Wolf methodology in culture and religion of Native American 

In the Ojibwe tribe’s culture

The relationship between humans with wolves is almost spiritual. People assumed that God wandered the Earth under the wolf’s form. Additionally, they believed that any circumstances of the wolves would influence the tribes. For that reason, many religious beliefs have the time connection between wolves and human death.

In most of the Ojibwe tribe stories, wolves are special creatures and these animals can guard the underworld. People think that wolves are responsible for the journey of wolves and humans (both in the sacred world and the real one). Thus, it is a great thing to treat wolves with respect because they support humans a lot (both in daily life and death). 

In the Pawnee tribe’s culture

The Pawnee people thought that the first death of a wolf was humans. Thus, it caused floods and other serious problems in the world. The supremacy of wolves is a widespread theme in their beliefs in life. 

The origin of myths like the werewolf comes from Native American cultures. Generally, animal symbolism is a tremendous thing in a culture piece for all tribes. And wolves are popular symbols of paranormal powers. 

Therefore, people in some ancient tribes believe that they are werewolves when wearing the skin of a slain wolf. Nevertheless, this is not a good point. For those who are werewolves, the tribe assumes this is a detestable act and they have to exile. 

Many tribes of Native Americans believe that wolves create the world. Religious beliefs and astronomy often mention this point. Some people in those tribes perform rituals and awaking wolves and receive hunting power in their spirits.

Wolf symbolism in the Central American culture 

Wolf is a representative of the Central American culture, like the Aztecs and the Incas. Their religious beliefs and rituals have wolves though they do not exalt these animals like other tribes in the Central Native Americans. The Incas often believed that wolves and dogs were holies, so they appreciated these animals and they did not consume wolves.

Other tribes also took wolves as their symbols: 

  • The Creek (Yahalgi or Yvhvlke)
  • The Cherokee (Aniwahya or Aniwaya)
  • The Chippewa (Ma’iingan)
  • The Algonquian (the Lenape) 
  • The Shawnee and Menominee
  • The Huron and Iroquois 
  • The Caddo and Osage
  • The Chickasaw
  • The Pueblo (of New Mexico)
  • The Tlingit, Tsimshian, and Kwakiutl of Northwest Coast 

Final Words

Although wolves are not different from other animals, tribes in Native America still keep them in great respect. This is because people think that wolves represent a precious totem. Wolves are one of the most prominent options for a mascot. Even if life is pretty harsh, humans (Native Americans) overcome difficulties like what wolves do in the world. A friendly wolf in dreams might create concord and success in any aspect of our lives.          

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