Why do I need Solar Portable Charger?

Hi, guys!!! How far have you got with your travel plan? I guess you are nearly ready for the stuff of your trip. Today I will talk about one of the device you SHOULD NOT LEAVE AT HOME. Yes, this is SOLAR POWER BANK (SOLAR POWER CHARGER).

I think you want to staying connected to your devices while you have amazing outdoor experiences, it is essential that you should take for yourself one of the best solar portable charger.


Why don’t power bank? But solar portable charger

Off the top of my head, I think I should bring power bank during my travel. But suddenly I realize that I will 3 days in the nature with mountain, waterfall, and forests without internet, especially electricity. What happens if the power bank could not have enough electricity for at least three smartphones through 3 days? One important thing I really don’t expect is that Losing the connection with the world. Because of an adventure trip with my family, safety is the best.


Advantages of solar portable charger

Yes, not requiring external power to charge, a solar power bank can solve this problem. In facts, the name says it all; the solar module will convert the solar energy into electricity when it derives from sunlight. Like other kinds of power bank, a solar portable charger can be charged batteries for different electrical devices.

User-friendly! It means that this device can be used anywhere, just put them in a place with sunlight.

They have versatility. Some other device can be charged by solar power bank such as: iPhone, Cell phones, Laptops, iPad, Tablets, Cigarette Lighters, LED lights and such.


Disadvantages of solar portable charger

I realized that most of design of solar power bank failed to hold my attention

Second, they need sunlight to work.

Now, I have to make a decision to choose the right one for me and my family for this trip. And I am wondering about TOP 5 BEST SOLAR PORTABLE CHARGER below


BigBlue Solar Charger (3 USB Ports 28W)

BigBlue USB Solar Charger (28W) is the best solar portable charger for smart devices because it balances ample solar energy and is simple to bring. With four SunPOwer solar panels, the product can be stored in a small bag. Therefore, it is a compact option for those who always have outdoor activities.   

If you travel on the cloudy days, this power charger still produces electricity on your smartphones. Although the device is more expensive than other solar chargers, it makes a big difference.  

The useful design has the polymer fabric and solid holes for connecting the charger panel to a bag or a backpack. Hanging the gadget in a tree with four included hooks is a quick way to charge the power. A zippered pocket supports the unit secure in a place while charging.

Key features

  • 3 USB ports
  • 4 panels
  • Loops for 4 Caribiners
  • Short micro USB cable
  • Can be charged in low sunlight
  • Ease of access the three-USB port
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design for charging 
  • Affordable price 
  • Quite tight in the stitching 

Built with the SolarIQ Technology, X-Dragon Portable Solar Charger has a smart IC chip, which promptly adjusts the voltage to boost the highest power. It can deliver the electricity up to 3 amps per port under the direct sunlight. For that high-end technology, the charger could provide the energy more effectively than other popular panels (up to 50% higher).

The dual-USB power, on the other side, might give stable power to charge your smartphone and the tablet at once. The device has 14 wattages in solar power only, but two USB ports and the new technology enable you to charge two smart devices quickly.

When charging, there is no accident for you and your mobiles because of the safety protection, surge protection, and water-resistant feature. Come with the rugged high-wear Oxford fabric, you can touch the solar charger without much hassle. 

Key features

  • 25% solar energy retention 
  • 2 USB ports
  • SolarIQ Technology
  • Weather-resistant materials
  • Surge protection 


  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Waterproof 
  • Good quality in materials
  • Fast charging time


  • Being broken down the material in the direct sunlight

All of features above turn this power bank into a reliable and useful gadget for camping, hiking, long family trips. Yes, I will take a note for this item because it is suitable for my needs.

Dizaul Solar Charger is environmentally-friendly that you may astonish at the material and construction. The silicone rubber, ABS, and the PC make the device strong enough, flexible, durable, and non-toxic. 

The USB ports also are made by rubber caps to remove water and always keep them dry. Therefore, the charging process is always secure no matter what you do for your tablets, smartphones, or other 5v USB-charged gadgets. 

The football-grain design has a water-resistant feature, so all functions of the device are safe and smooth when you are traveling in the rainy days. In other words, it contains anti-skid protection to make sure that the product works correctly. 

Key features

  • Two rubber caps 
  • Waterproof
  • Shock-proof
  • ABS and PC materials 
  • Football-grain design 


  • Can be charged in any device 
  • Fantastic charging duration 
  • Protective feature
  • Compact and lightweight 


  • Slow recharging for the solar power

ADDTOP solar charger has a rich feature such as high capacity (25,000mAh) and four foldable panels. You ought to charge your tablet or smartphone through a wall outlet or in the integrated flat. The device probably soaks up much more solar energy than any typical solar charger when turned on. 

This is not an outdoor battery pack but also a regular power bank for your mobiles. The quick output charging technology enables you to do the charging process without any hitch. A chip in each USB port can recognize the charging speed of a device in a few seconds. After charging, your mobile can last approximately 7 hours. 

There is the LED in the device to use it as a flashlight or the SOS signal. It also has an 18-month warranty and an affordable price; you will get the best solar portable charger and know the reason for owning it. 

Key features 

  • Two USB ports
  • Li-polymer battery (25,000mAh)
  • Polysilicon solar panels


  • Handheld size 
  • Foldable panels 
  • Can be charged in three or four devices at the same time
  • 18-month warranty 
  • Economical price point 


  • Ringing noise

If you are looking for a highly powered charging source that can keep your device from dying, ADDTOP Portable Solar Power Bank is worth considering. I hope this item will make your trip on safari or on your adventure travel more helpful and greater.

SunJack Solar Charger is another tremendous device that you should nail. It comes with two portable power banks, hard-wearing, and weather-resistant; the charging energy task is an easy in-home use whether you do it in an office or a café shop.

 In other words, your devices will stay powered anywhere, especially in the sunlight. A wall wallet or a generator is allowed!

The charger features the two-amp power in each USB port; it means that the charging speeds are so fast. A smart IC chip in the unit enables the charger to realize your device and prevents overcharging. 

Key features

  • 2 amps of the power in each USB port
  • USB-C Qualcomm 3.0 cables


  • Well-made battery pack 
  • Fast charging speed
  • High capacity (20 wattages)
  • Can be charged in different devices (kindle, Bluetooth headset, and hearing gadgets)
  • One year warranty


  • A little hard to understand the instruction

I guess you can make a decision right now and me too. I will choose 25000mAh Battery Solar Power Bank Portable Panel Charger thanks to its features and I am waiting to receive it from Amazon.

Tips for you:

You can rig solar portable charger up to affix to your backpack and unfold the panels to charge while you are discovering mother nature. Good luck and have a nice trip with solar portable charger!!!

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