Hello guys, how are you? Do you remember me? The man who has a wife named Lora with my princess baby – Laura. Have you chosen the best Vicks humidifier for yourself yet? I hope that you will be found the best one for you. And I want to introduce TOP 5 BEST SPEAKERS UNDER $500 IN THE WORLD IN 2020 in this article.

Hmm,…  Today, I would like to give you some information about an essential device in your family. Can you guest it? Haha. My old speaker doesn’t work suddenly. My wife entrusted a task that finding the best speaker under $500 to me. Why? Because my little baby has listened to music of Mozart, Beethoven, etc… in her mother’s worm until now, she can not sleep if she doesn’t listen to music. Sometimes, we also celebrate a mini party at home or dancing in a cozy night.

And you know, my family have just welcomed a little princess recently. So, my budget for this mission is under $500. But it’s okay, I think it is a reasonable budget for a suitable speaker for my family. Alright, are you agree that finding the best speaker for you and me right now?

I found some information about the speaker. And they have some basic kinds of speakers. I think I must find some information about the best bookshelf speaker under $1000, the best floor standing speaker under $1000, the best subwoofer under $1000, the best-powered speaker under $1000 and the best in-wall speaker under $1000. Step by step, let’s go!!!

NOTE: It is very difficult to find the best speakers under $500. But I tried to find an audiophile nearly $500 and have the best characters.


The first speaker under $500:Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R1280T is an option if you are looking for a good set of powered bookshelf speakers. These devices are great for audio performances and value for the money. They give wonderful sound in a variety of frequencies, including the low tones. Comes with 4-inch bass drivers, Edifier builds solid basses that make you have a relaxed time on your mind and reduce stressed muscles on your face. 

These speakers are also outstanding when it plays the mid-and-high notes, so they can provide unlimited sound quality. Vocal sound, moreover, is also awesome without having distortions. Even if they reproduce high-frequency notes, the quality of sound is guaranteed. 

In addition to the sound quality, these bookshelf speakers have an elegant-looking model with top-notch finishes. Their design looks retro, state-of-the-art, and modish; so your room is much more beautiful and pretty modern. 


  • Ease of use with a remote (no amplifier required)
  • High-quality in the sound (warm, balanced, and loud)
  • Solid build with reasonable price 
  • Bass and treble controls including


  • Lack of terms of clarity 
  • Not durable in the wire jack on the right speaker

You are interested in serious music listening, and you just have a small space, then consider bookshelf speaker and If you have never listen a pair and are looking for speakers that will blow you away, this is your best choice!

Sonos One (the second generation) is a remarkable combination between built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can own a smart voice-control music device and the best speakers as well. 

Apart from enjoying the music, you possibly set other great features in the Sono ecosystem such as alarms, Alexa attention, timers, check the local weather, and add some items in your shopping list.

These portable speakers inherit excellent sound quality and balanced vocals, making the sound more engaged, natural, and organized when you open a song or a movie. Basses, treble, and rhythms; on the other side; are deep and solid to make the music clear, crisp, and natural-feeling interactions.


  • Robust sound 
  • Flexible stereo 
  • Multi-room audio 
  • Marvelous and unobtrusive model 
  • Alexa, AirPlay 2, and Google Assistant feature included


  • Lack of Hi-Res audio

Audioengine A5 is a small package of powered bookshelf speakers providing attractive sound with 3.5mm inputs. Produced in 2007, these speakers can meet the wave of digital music. The latest version has better features than the originals. For instance, the pairs have 50W per channel, the 13-cm kevlar woofers, and 20-mm silk dome tweeters. 

These speakers are an entire home music system with the bold stereo sound that makes the room more amazing. You can connect them through any application in any smart device through high-definition Bluetooth in a few seconds. 

Moreover, they feature built-in Bluetooth to enable you to stream any favorite music. Just do it directly in the speakers without putting a computer, a CD player, or a turntable. You can try this option as an optional choice if you want to discover how it works with an extra unit. 


  • Excellent home music systems 
  • Powerful bass
  • Strong treble definition 
  • Wide stereo image 
  • Tremendous wireless performance


  • Lack of iPod dock


The  fourth speakers under $500: Atlantic Adjustable Speaker Stands

Founded in 1986, Atlantic was one of the biggest global manufacturers and suppliers of music equipment. Now, they continue to be a large manufacturer and retailer all around the world. All products of this brand are distinctive, affordable, functional, and modish. Atlantic is also known as the Art of Organized Living. 

Atlantic Adjustable Speaker Stands have a special shape, which can be mounted in a 45-degree angle. A wire hole may keep the wires hidden, flexible, and practical. Four adhesive strips and four spike studs inherit two surface options to adjust and carry around. 

Thanks to the 6-inch speaker plates, they expand the speakers larger and more securely. Non-marring feet on the entire stands can keep up to 20 pounds of the speakers due to the solid steel construction. Besides, you might assemble all stands in a couple of minutes only.


  • Sturdy construction with the steel materials 
  • Ease of assemble and use 
  • Nice-looking wire-management design 
  • 45-degree angles of the rotation 


  • Not solid on the hardwood floors 

Worth notice: this item is not really for house music.


The best speaker under$500: TAMPROAD 20W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

TAMPROAD is a pair of portable multi-function speakers with numerous features such as Bluetooth connection, FM radio, TF card music playback, AUX input, digital screen, and smart remote control. 

In addition to the diversity of features, these speakers usually provide high-quality sound and FM radio as well. Due to the big power (20 watts), three loudspeakers, and one output subwoofer; you will be amazed at the performance of the TAMPROAD. In case you would like to follow the FM radio, there are many stations in your area that you can select through remote control. The sound is still clear and excellent. 

These speakers could be plugged in any device with the Bluetooth connection. You also use a 3-5mm AUX cable to insert to the speakers and the auxiliary connection gadget at once. In other words, the speakers are compatible with an MP3 or MP4 player, a computer, a laptop, and a tablet as well.


  • Handy speakers with the built-in Bluetooth connection
  • Ease of use and carry 
  • Nice-looking design 
  • 12-month worry-free warranty


  • Lack of AM radio
  • Quite small in their sizes

There is no doubt that this is one of the best speakers you can purchase at this moment in time; if your budget is irrelevant or you need the best then this is the one to go for.


No matter what you hear, $1000 speakers aren’t an overpriced bag of fancy components. There is some tangible improvement in performance. Deciding whether or not this improvement is wort an investment is something you need to figure out on your own. If you already have a well developed rig, speakers from this price range could show you just what your setup is capable of.

I have found a suitable speaker for my family. And you? On that note,  hope that you’ve found out something new about your best speakers under $1000.

On my side, maybe I will choose SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker or Bose Virtually Invisible 891 for many reasons: price tag, weight item, and the suitable size room of the speaker.

The best reason I choose SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker the this review on Amazon:

Dan said: “I’ve owned and heard a lot of mid-tier speakers, some costing more than double these, yet these excite like no other. Very power hungry but you get this visceral, beast of a speaker, that frankly sounds more like a floor-standing full-size speaker than a bookshelf. The detail is through the rough and each note delivered with clear authority. They’re also very heavy for being passive. Do not put them on a desk. You really don’t need a subwoofer, they’re that expansive”

And the best one I choose Bose Virtually Invisible 891 for its design.

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