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In the world of selfie-obsessed population and cellphone’s using, we may tend to save our photos on smartphones rather than placing those in a photo album. We forgot these albums as they have ever appeared in our entire lives. In fact, a photo album is a good way to save our memories of families and friends. And I hope you will find a place to restore your photos by the best mini photo printer.

For those who want to save photos in an album from a smartphone, you should use a tool. And this is the reason you need to buy a photo printer. Some of you probably reckon that this is a crazy idea, but I think that it is not. We can buy a mini product for home using only and selecting the best mini photo printer is a matter!

Polaroid ZIP – Best Mini Photo Printer for busy users

Polaroid is an original photo brand providing the Zip Mobile Printer for having fun snapshots from your cellphone. You simply open the Bluetooth or NFC technology to print photos automatically from the smart devices. 

best mini photo printer

This best mini photo printer for phone has a free download of the Polaroid ZIP app for Android and iOS. Equipped with the Zink Zero printing technology, the device does not require ink, toners, cartridges, ribbons, and film. The sticky print papers, on the other hand, are water-resistant, smudge-proof, tear-resistant, dry, bold, and colorful. 

Connect your smartphone or a tablet with this mini-photo printer through Wireless because you need to download the application and unlock all the customizable requirements. Then, see how social media photos transform digital pictures to physical images. 

Please keep in mind that you do not have to start your computer to connect the photo printer. Between stickers and borders; photo editing is simple, entertaining, and as amusing as your creativity. 

Size is not a big problem with this purchase. It is small enough for putting in a pocket and you can bring it anywhere. This is good news for those who love to travel and getting pictures from an event instantly. The machine weighs only 6.6 ounces. 

Polaroid ZIP is truly the best mini photo printer on the market that you will own a worthy purchase.

  • An instant camera to print photos
  • Ease of use (you should take time to know how to use the app)
  • Suitable unit for Android and iOS phones
  • Compact size for putting in a small pocket
  • Short battery life

The app in this mini-photo printer is fun and intuitive to use. You are able to add other entertaining things such as stickers, borders, and others to your photos before printing. 


Zink Polaroid ZIP Best for busy users

Print your social media and camera memories instantly with the unique Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer Simple one-touch operation makes it easier than ever for the whole family from kids to young adults to get in on the instant print action!

HP Sprocket Portable Printer (2nd version) – Best Mini Photo Printer for iOS and Android phones

Printing social media photos is so easy from your cellphone with a mini photo printer like the second version of the HP Sprocket Portable Printer. Just connect your social media accounts to the HP Sprocket App and all photos will be transferred to colorful prints. 

best mini photo printer

The app is free of charge, so do not mind about the fee. Due to the smooth Bluetooth connectivity, you probably establish all parties and events. Everyone could print their wanted photos from their smart devices with ease!

Add borders, emoji icons, text, and other things with the app to modify each shot in a few seconds. Try the HP ZINK sticky photo papers for pasting two-by-three-inch stickers instantly. This pack includes a setup card, one-year limited warranty, and 10-sheet HP Zink photo paper. Thus, you do not have to find those attachments and waste time to buy them. 

Take your smartphone and the Sprocket app to watch a virtual photo and more because we can add up new features to the app to match the operating systems. iOS and Android phones are compatible with this unit. 

However, make sure that you have the iOS 80 or the Android 44. Please bear in mind that Window phones and macOS devices are not available. Do you think that HP Sprocket is the best mini photo printer?

  • A tremendous printer for the value
  • High-quality photo paper packets
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to use (you should connect GPS collection to the HP Sprocket app)
  • Easily portable
  • A little hard to use in the app
  • Not beautiful in the photo print

Do you know that the HP Sprocket and the Polaroid ZIP have a similar design? Nonetheless, they have different apps which the HP Sprocket is quite difficult to use.   


HP Sprocket Portable Printer (2nd version) Best Values

Download the free HP sprocket app to access exclusive designer features for your pictures, customize your photos with doodles before printing, and unlock content in Augmented reality.

Canon SELPHY CP1300 – Best Mini Photo Printer for all smartphones 

The black-and-white prints and the color ones that you see on the market are mostly produced by the CP1300. There is no denying that this brand is one of the most popular cameras over time. If you do not need a portable device to print high-quality images, this product is good to view.  

best mini photo printer

It does not have a portable feature, but it is still small enough to carry out. Comparing to other multifunction units or standard desktop photo printers, this point is not a serious issue. However, you need to use a power outlet while opening it. In other words, you cannot print photos when boating or hiking. 

Unlike other mini photo printers, the unit does not use the ZINK system for working. Therefore, you probably select a cartridge-style to generate a limited number of photos before it is time to replace them. Due to the cartridge-style, you do not have to buy a separate cyan like a frequent printer. 

The 3.2-inch LCD screen is simple to pick, edit, and print photos although the first printing time is a little anxious for you. This Canon mini photo printer can connect to the Wireless network. It even prints from an SD memory card and a USB memory stick. 

  • Reasonable price tag
  • Excellent print quality
  • Good LCD screen
  • Ease of use (including connecting to the Wireless network)
  • Lack of app to print (you need to transfer pictures from your phone to a memory card)

The device chews the ink cartridge a lot, so you should draw close attention to this point before printing. 


Canon SELPHY CP1300 Best for everyone

A wireless compact photo printer, The perfect portable photo printer for at home and on the go.

Fujifilm INSTAX Share SP-2 – Best Mini Photo Printer for all smartphones

If you are 20, you will not know how well-known the Fujifilm brand is. Between the 1980s and 1990s, this was one of the most popular camera brands on the market. They provide a lot of cameras and contribute many new pieces of the invention in this field. 

best mini photo printer

Today, people tend to use smart devices and Fujifilm is not a hot brand anymore. However, this is still an early bird brand name and we also find out modern handy photo printers. You probably make Instax photos by sending pictures from your gadgets to the photo printer through the free Fujifilm Share app. 

The app contains Instagram filter options for adjusting the pictures like changing the black-and-white prints and the sepia tone. If you select the intelligence filter, it will modify the image to the highest quality. Nonetheless, the app does not have extra features like adding amusing borders and drawing onto the picture.

Remember that this mini-photo printer can connect to your device through the Wi-Fi network. Well, it helps you connect between them easily through the Wireless network. On the bad side, your smartphone cannot do other things when connecting to the printer. 

In general, the printer offers top-notch images because of outstanding print pixels (800 x 600 dots) and high resolution (320 dpi). Therefore, you will not miss any detail. The Intax system builds colors by transferring the light to pigments and making chemical reactions. So, it decreases the color deterioration and sharpness. 

  • High-quality photo printer
  • Diverse and compact features (Luminance LED, free Share app, various templates)
  • Easily adjust the brightness
  • Nice color in the model
  • Quick printing process (thanks to the new laser system)
  • Lack of features in the free Share app
  • Careful connected to the printer (when it reconnects to the Wi-Fi network)

For those who are looking for a mini photo printer for Samsung or a mini photo printer for iPhone, pick the Fujifilm INSTAX Share SP-2 because it is available on both.


Fujifilm INSTAX Share SP-2 Best Values

Instax Share SP-2 lets you print out your best smartphone pictures faster than ever in high quality credit-card sized prints.
$188.64$199.99 Buy this item

Kodak Mini 2 HD – Best Mini Photo Printer for traveling 

Kodak Mini 2 has a similar performance of the first version since 2016 and this is the best mini photo printer. It weighs 8.3 ounces which are smaller than the original (at least 6 ounces). However, this package has several versatile features that the counterparts may not contain. 

best mini photo printer

The product does not use the ZINK system, but it still needs to get a small ribbon cartridge like the Canon Selphy printer. It possibly prints 2×3-inch images and links to a smartphone through NFC technology or Bluetooth. When it comes to paper and ribbon, Kodak also sells 20, 30, and 50 sheets. You do not need to use cables or any manual tool. The free companion app, on the other hand, provides a varied range of customizable stickers, filters, and diverse templates to add additional flair to your images. 

The Mini 2 gives two options in your print photos – the diverse colors and the black-and-white. Due to a bold promise, the photo quality can be preserved for 10 years. Creating memories could have lasted forever! 

With a rechargeable battery, you can recharge the energy to the printer. Batteries are quite bigger than the HP and Polaroid prints. A protective layer allows the photo to prevent premature fading and fingerprints. 

  • Good print quality
  • No ink required
  • Compact size and lightweight enough
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • A little hard connection of the cartridge and the printer
  • Little expensive in the paper

Kodak Mini 2 HD Best for traveller

Just tap your Android device on the surface of the printer, and innovative NFC one touch has you editing and printing in an instant. Or use the Bluetooth connection on either your Android or iOS device to send photos wirelessly.

Final Words

Memories are always kept in our hearts. To save these, we often take photos and put them on the phone. What if your phone has something wrong and you lose such images? I think that you have no idea about this situation, but you should consider a solution. Print photos from your phone are a good way and you only need to purchase the best mini photo printer. Make your trip happier with this device!

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