Top 10 Best Pet Travel Water Bottle for Your Furry Friends


Staying hydrated is an important point for humans and pets. Do not assume that your furry friends are not thirsty; especially in a long journey. So, should we take a bowl? No, we do not have to do that! Just carry a bottle. This item has been sold a lot on the market. Do not worry about it as I have done this homework for you. Here is the top 10 best pet travel water bottle which you probably think of.

Highwave Auto Dog Mug

Best for puppies and small breeds

M&M KPet

The best dog water bottle for dogs love outdoor activities

PupFlask Portable

The Best water bottle for all dogs

OllyBottle BPA Free

The best water bottle for dogs for travelling long trips


The best dog water bottle for small pets

Lumo Leaf

The best portable pet water bottle for dogs with small tongues


The best water dispenser for long journeys with a generous capacity


The best dog water bottle for hounds with kidney problems


The best portable pet water bottle for containing water and food

Highwave AutoDogMug

The Original AUTODOGMUG is the first and only, one handed hydration system for dogs. Squeeze and water fills the bowl for your pup to drink, release and the remaining water returns to the bottle. Comes with a removable strap, which can be used as a handle, or for attaching to a pack.

Highwave AutoDogMug looks like a bottle for runners which we usually see in the TV show. The bottle has a mug on the top to give pets can lick water straightly. This unit is ideal for puppies or small breeds as the capacity is a bit narrow. However, if your buddies do not consume too much water during the trip, a small container like this will be fine.

On top of the product, there is a little bowl to press it slightly and water will go to this area. The leftover water turns back to the internal bottle. In case you have a car journey with your pets, put this item to the car cup holder and attach it to your seatbelt.

  • Safe for washing in the machine
  • Made in US
  • Included a hydration system
  • Adjustable strap and hook (to attach to your belt)
  • Squeezed water to feed them
  • A little smell in chemical material

M&MKPET Dog Water Bottle

M&MKPET Dog Water Bottle

M&MKPET is a suitable option for puppies or big dogs with a short journey. It is a good method to help them does not drink water from a bowl when walking around.

For dogs, nothing derelicts a nice walk every day. Most of the dog breeds require this workout to keep their physical health healthy. When walking around, remember that they also get thirsty. Is it necessary to bring a bowl with you? Well, you do not need to do that. Take a handy pet travel water bottle instead!

M&MKPET helps you do not concern about little cotton socks. It is so convenient that you cannot forget to bring once your hounds come around the town. Is it the best travel water bottle?

The product does not leak any drop is the first good feature for a bottle. That is because Silica gel in seal ring prevents water to go outside without your controlling. We may feed water once the dog travel water bottle has been operated by one hand

  • Ease of feeding water
  • No leakage
  • Clean design
  • Can get an increased capacity (attach the top to a big bottle)
  • Difficult to switch the lock and unlock button

PupFlask Portable Water Bottle

PupFlask Portable Water Bottle

HAPPY, HYDRATED PETS make the best traveling companions, and the PupFlask goes wherever you and your furry friend venture

Some bottles do not have a wide mouth to do that and you probably break big ices before putting them to the product.

Though this is an uncompleted task to do, you sometimes do not have enough time to do that. To cut it and saving your time, you should think of another bottle. Here is the PupFlask Portable Water Bottle that you can come across.

This pet water bottle features a silicone flat attachment making your four-leg friends can drink water easier. You can open up the top of the silicone and create a cup for them to lick.

Then, you just flip that silicone back down when they finished. By doing that, your hounds and you will not get stuck in water leaking or getting an extra bowl. This dog travel water bottle is a shred of evidence for a creative invention in a popular item.

  • A creative solution for flat faced pet breeds
  • Safe for dishwasher
  • Top-notch materials (silicone and stainless steel)
  • Easily put ice cubes to the dispenser
  • Convenient and good-looking design
  • Money-back guarantee and lifetime warrantee
  • Lack of an instruction (to help users know how to assemble)
  • Cannot be used in low-temperature environments
  • The silicone cup is great for supporting your canines lick water, but you should clean it regularly.

Olly Botlle BPA Free Water Bottle

Olly Botlle BPA Free Water Bottle​

The OllyBottle is the perfect solution for you and your dog to share water on the go! Designed for slobber-free sharing with large dogs

If you want a simple design in the pet travel water bottle but it is still effective, you will not miss out OllyBottle. The most different points of this handy item from others are two-piece design features enabling us slides out without much hassle. You do not feel tired of open the bottle for their feeding water while the construction is still firm. 

Due to the wide-mouthed opening, you can fill and pour water easily; meanwhile, the lid is fixed to avoid leakage.

The water capacity has 600ml (20 ounces) which is not big, but I think that this level will be great for puppies or dog breeds do not need to drink too much while walking. Nonetheless, you should refill water if your furry buddies and you have a long journey. This product is deserved as the best pet travel water bottle on the market.

OllyBottle is a special set that furry friends can drink water easily on the road. Just remove the detachable bowl and fill water from your bottle to their bowls.

  • Ease of open the lid within seconds
  • No leakage (no matter the bottle has been held in any position)
  • Wide mouth (it enables you put ice cubes into the bottle)
  • Included a belt buckle (to adjust the lid)
  • Non-toxic fabrics
  • Stiff strap between the lid and the bottle
  • A bit fussy in the screw cap

Anpetbest Dog Water Bottle

Anpetbest Dog Water Bottle​

Make it easy and convenient to keep your dog hydrated while the two of you are traveling together or venturing outdoors with the ANPETBEST Travel Pet Water Bottle

Anpetbest Dog Water Bottle does not have a sleek design, but its features are still outstanding that prior consumers do not leave complaints. Furthermore, the price is so unbeatable of a compact bottle for pets (you guess how much does it cost). Thus, you do not feel annoyed with a small purchase like this.

Some buyers do not like the paw print design as they think that this dog water bottle standfor females or something like that. This is a private hobby, so I cannot say that it is correct or not. The capacity is less than OllyBottle, so it is a small travel water bottle for dogs, cats, and other small animals. With a handy thong, you are able to carry it with ease.

  • Top-notch material (BPA free)
  • Compact design
  • Ease of use and carry
  • Good value for the money
  • Easy attachments for bags and backpacks
  • Small capacity
  • Smell in the plastic

Portable Pet Water Bottle by LumoLeaf

Portable Pet Water Bottle by LumoLeaf

Because a traditional pet water bowl isn’t practical for every situation, we developed the LumoLeaf Pet Water Bottle with the Leaf-shapes Reversible Bowl. The revolutionary silicone leaf fits over the neck of most standard 20-oz water bottles, providing a flexible water bowl during car trips, while at the dog park, and between flights at the airport.

Portable Pet Water Bottle by LumoLeaf is a simple bottle, but it has a special feature that others do not have. It concludes a leaf-shaped bowl which helps your canines drink water easier.

We can lay that bowl over the bottle when pets do not drink. Well, your four-leg buddies could not drink water like humans. It will be hard if they get water from a common dispenser. I think that this attachment is a smart way to treat your hounds to dispense water at anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to the leaf-shaped bowl, it also makes the dog travel water bottle more special than any travel water bottle available on the market. This point boosts this purchase is one of the best pet travel water bottle for furry pets.

  • Foldable design (for easy storage) and nice-looking model
  • Lightweight
  • Good material (food-safe silicone)
  • Can be easily attached to a belt

  • Small leaf bowl (some big dog breeds cannot lick)
  • Flimsy clip (it could be broken suddenly)

Gulpy Water Dispenser

Gulpy Water Dispenser

Gulpy Water Dispenser. H2O to go! No need to carry a water bottle and bowl for your canine pal. Our Gulpy Water Dispenser provides an easy way to carry and dispense water for your pet.

Gulpy Water Dispenser does not have a bowl attachment, but it still contains a type of cup for furry pals. When they feel thirsty, you flip the lid slightly to open the tray. Then, you overturn the bottle and press it down in a few seconds. Another wonderful feature is that this tray can be fit on other kinds of plastic dog travel water bottle.

The design, on the flip side, is quite cute and easy to place in a bottle holder of your bicycle or a backpack. Thus, you do not have to put your backpack down and find their bottles.

Just drinking water but some picky breeds feel uncomfortable when licking from a handy bottle. Fortunately, this product can meet their requirements without much hassle.

  • Magnanimous capacity (20oz.)
  • Friendly and bacterial-free material
  • Flexible locking system
  • Trough shape (for easy squeezing water and placing on a bottle holder)
  • Included a belt clip (for hand-free carrying)
  • Cannot stand up its own
  • Not suitable for short-snouted breeds

PETKIT Dog Water Bottle

PETKIT Dog Water Bottle

PETKIT DOG WATER BOTTLE is a necessary kit, when you are walking, hiking, traveling with your dogs. No more extra bowl, just one bottle, you could water your dog conveniently with one hand. 

PETKIT Dog Water Bottle has a coconut shelf filter which is a unique point to attract. This helps dogs have fresher water to drink and you do not have to fill water initially. The filter is safe because of a coconut carbon filter. If you do not like using the filter, you can remove that part and use the dispenser.

This design is not complicated to use. Push a button to unlock the bottle and pour water at the top of the product. No worry as a trough shape might help pets drink water effortlessly. The locking system, moreover, prevents water pour out the bottle. If you filled a bit too much, water will be reserved to the inside dog water bottle stand.

With a filter, it is a tremendous feature for canines with kidney issues.

  • Smooth design and many beautiful color options
  • Leak-proof model
  • Easy to push with one button
  • Included a built-in water filter
  • Not having big capacity for large dogs

PetFusion Portable Dog Water Bottle

PetFusion Portable Dog Water Bottle ​

Enjoy a trip to the park, hiking, camping, travel, or exercise without the hassle of packing food & water bowls with you. Instead, get a PetFusion travel bottle which is effectively a portable dog water bowl to conveniently carry & insulate your water or food to keep your pet hydrated and happy. 

Frankly speaking, a pet water bottle contains liquid only. However, we may rethink this definition when finding the PetFusion Portable Dog Water Bottle. This is a nice multi-tasking feature of an item!

When traveling with pets, you have to bring a bag or a backpack to put water and foods there. But now, you could reduce your bag weight with this product. Add some favorite treats during the journey and your furry pals will appreciate you a lot.

The stainless steel in the frame, on the other hand, makes the bottle keeps the temperature inside at bay. So, you do not have to add up ice cubes for staying cool water in place. For me, two simple features are deserved as the best pet travel water bottle.

Bring water and food for your pets on a warm day is a great idea. And take this product to help their stomachs safe and full wherever you go!

  • Quite large capacity (22.0z)
  • Can be pet travel food container
  • Solid construction (with non-slip silicone surrounding the bottle)
  • Can be attached a belt or a strap
  • A bit heavy (if you carry it in a short road)
  • Cannot be washed in the machine in one model (the mint color)

Vivaglory Stainless Steel Dog Water

Vivaglory Stainless Steel Dog Water ​

Vivaglory dog water bottle is constructed with antibacterial food grade stainless steel and BPA free material, FDA approved, which is safer and more durable than the regular plastic one

Vivaglory Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle has a solid build which is made from stainless steel. Nonetheless, this is not an impressive point I want to tell you. On top of the dispenser, the cap is also a tray.

In other words, there is no attachment in the pet water bottle even if it is a small bowl or a cup. The lid will do two functions – being a pet cup and a cover to close the bottle when not in use. With this design, you are able to pour water to the tray for their drinking and resting back some to the dispenser again. Do not forget to screw the cap back.

Vivaglory is a new brand in the pet products, but it quickly becomes the best pet travel water bottle in recent years.

Vivaglory Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle will be a surprised present on your pet’s birthday. Purchase and you will catch the reason!

  • Special design in the cap
  • Large drinking area for all dog breeds
  • Quite large capacity (25.5 oz.)
  • Solid construction
  • Various color choices
  • A little sharp on the tray
  • Can be leaked

Even if your pooches do not have hydrated symptoms (dry mouth and thick saliva), they should not lick water from unknown sources. Find and buy the best travel water bottle is a small action to protect their health.

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