Top 6 Types of Tall Floor Vases that Make Your Room 10 Times more Wonderful

If you want your house to be cozier,  especially to look more luxurious, the floor vases are a great solution. But if you choose the wrong tall floor vase, it will be a destructive detail to your home decor.

Are you ready to take your home decor to the next level? we will of course provide you with a list of the best tall floor vases. But, let’s first consider the elements that make up a wonderful tall floor vase.


Here is a quick on choosing the right tall floor vase.


The first thing to know of course is the material.

Currently, tall floor vases are made from many different types of materials around the world. but, in general, the following types are used the most:

Ceramic – this is the most common type of tall floor vases material today. They are inspired by ancient Greek ships made from clay. When you have a ceramic floor vase, you are decorating your home with ancient Greek stories associated with this material. This makes your home look cozier. It can be placed anywhere in the house to increase the aesthetics.

Wood – wooden tall floor vases often have a simple appearance that will be extremely suitable for lovers of minimalism. Besides, those who love ethnic style can look for vases made from wood, bamboo, or vines. Directly, you can find wooden vases engraved with the symbols of your favorite ethnic groups.

Glass – Glass tall floor vases bring us elegance and luxury. This type of floor vase is used a lot because it is suitable even for small rooms or where there is little free space. Due to today’s very advanced glass production technology, glass vases can have many complex shapes, colors, as well as elaborate decorative details, and especially the cost is not too high. Combining all the above factors, the glass tall floor vases have become one of the most popular vases today, trusted by designers and residents of modern homes.

In addition to the familiar materials as above, some designers also use less common materials such as coconut shell, tree bark, steel,… do not be surprised, perhaps it is an extremely ideal solution for a particular house.


top 6 best tall floor vase

The design of the tall floor vases is indispensable for us to consider whether to choose it or not because it’s the first thing that catches our eyes, so it is extremely important.

However the design of the vase is not everything, one must know where it will be placed. this combined with the color, material, and shape of the product will create a perfect decoration. In general, the design of the tall floor vase will depend on where you will place it.

Another thing to consider is its weight. The vase should not be too light, especially for families with children and pets. In these cases, we should give preference to vases made of wood, metal, or other unbreakable materials. However, if you want to buy fragile tall floor vases, reduce the risk by adding sand or small rocks to the bottom.

For expensive or rare vases, placing them on its stand will be great protection.


top 6 best tall floor vase

The tall floor vase is a completely independent decoration, meaning you do not have to add anything. But if you want, you can choose several things such as artificial flowers, dried flowers or bamboo works.

It’s not limited by anything, it all depends on your imagination and taste. Typically transparent floor vases can be filled with colored stones, decorative sand, glass ball, etc.

For wide-neck vases, many people even create a miniature ecosystem inside. If you have enough botanical knowledge to choose the most suitable ingredients, let’s try this way.


top 6 best tall floor vase

Usually, buyers will not pay too much attention to the issue of origin.

But, it has a huge impact on the design of the tall floor vase.  Because when it is produced in any country, of course, it will carry the patterns and textures of that country. Brings a whole culture and stories associated with its origin.

So if you are interested in a certain future, look for a product made in that country, it will never let you down.


Are you ready to shop for high-quality tall floor vases?

1, Luxury Antique Porcelain Enamel Floor Vase

top 6 best tall floor vase

If you want your room to become warmer, more harmonious, this product is exactly for you.

Made of ceramic, with a layer of enamel on the outside, this tall floor vase will give you a luxurious yet gentle style without being too scientific.

In addition, the design follows Southeast Asian culture, so it will evoke antiquity, completely separate from today’s modern lifestyle. So if you are a person who cherishes memories and is in a nostalgic style, nothing can be more suitable than this vase.

In addition, the textures on the product are arranged very logically, following the principles of Southeast Asian people. So when placing this vase in the house, feng shui energy will be improved extremely well. This helps everyone in the family always bring themselves a source of positive energy.

Not only that, but this collection also has a lot of variations in color and shape, so you can freely choose to match the decor as much as possible.

  • Perfect details
  • Can be combined with many types of flowers
  • Many designs and colors
  • Suitable for people who like Asian style
  • Made of ceramic, so it’s easy to break
  • The wooden base is not included

Luxury Antique Porcelain Enamel Floor Vase Best Values

Asian style ceramic tall floor vase
230.59$265.95 Buy this item

2, LEEWADEE Large Floor Vase

top 6 best tall floor vase

European style, so modern houses would be great with it!

The vase is made of wood, so the textures will be very little or even absent in some models. but do not rush to deny it, because it was born for those who follow the minimalist style. Not too picky in the texture but gives us luxury and simplicity.

Not only that, but the simplicity of this vase also contributes a lot to decorate the house. You won’t have to think too much about where to put it, because it’s so simple that you can put it anywhere you like. There will not be too much dissonance in the decoration, its colors are mostly light and not too fussy, so it will be able to combine with many other decorations without worry.

With a compact design consisting of a long stem and a narrow mouth, it is great to go with single flower branches, long and straight dried flowers. This will further enhance its simplicity, making it one of the most eye-catching decorative details in the house.

One more thing, which is only available in wooden vessels, is the flow of energy. Have you ever felt more peaceful than ever while walking in a forest? that’s exactly what nature will give us, nature is a magical force. The same goes for wooden decorations, they always bring us an energy flow of peace, but certainly not as much as the forest. So it will be extremely suitable for placing next to the bed, reading table, and spaces. Because that’s when you need the most peace of the day.

  • It’s made of wood, so it can’t be broken
  • Suitable for people with a simple style
  • Can be combined with many other decorative details
  • Can be placed in many places
  • Brings a peaceful flow of energy
  • There are many colors
  • Can’t hold water for fresh flowers

2, LEEWADEE Large Floor Vase Best Values

European style tall floor vase
$79.99 $99.59 Buy this item

3, KALALOU Set of Tall Vases

top 6 best tall floor vase

Yet another great decoration for the lovers of simplicity. This vase will be very suitable for nature lovers

If the vase above is a combination of simplicity and modernity, then this vase is completely simple. It doesn’t seem to have been tampered with by any human but brings its original form in the forest to your home.

Although retaining the original beauty of wood, but not so that the details are sketchy. on the contrary, the joints are done very carefully and delicately. in general, in terms of form, there will not be a point that can be criticized.

And the advantages of a wooden vase I have probably presented above already.

So don’t be afraid to buy yourself one, it’s simply worth what you spend.

  • Keep the natural beauty of wood
  • Meticulously crafted cuts
  • Made for people who love wood
  • no decorative details

KALALOU Set of Tall Vases Best Values

Tall floor vase with original form in the forest to your home
$111.68$149.99 Buy this item

4, eUty set of 3 tall floor vases

top 6 best tall floor vase

This is one of my favorite vases. Surely it doesn’t need to explain too much, I bet you were attracted to this vase from the moment you saw its photo.

At first glance, it looks like it is made of terracotta, but the truth is not, its actual material is metal, just a layer of terracotta on the outside.

The most special thing about this vase is not the texture, but the color. The two tones of brown and white combine to make their colors not too colorful but very eye-catching, giving the viewer a non-opposite harmony. This is why everyone is attracted to it from the very first moment.

The blend of 2 tones and its design creates antiquity that transcends space and time. The same ancient Greek vases also bear the same shape. So if you want your home to be both ancient and modern, this is a great choice.

Not only that, a sales package includes 3 bottles with the same design but different sizes. This will help you decorate many other rooms, both on the table and the floor. This makes your home have consistency, the decoration of the spaces is not disjointed.

  • Color harmony
  • Simple but eye-catching design
  • Ancient style
  • No retail

eUty set of 3 tall floor vases Best Values

Metal tall floor vase with a layer of terracotta on the outside.
$109.99$149.99 Buy this item

5, WGV Eiffel Tower Vase

top 6 best tall floor vase

The name says it all. This vase is inspired by the Eiffel Tower but is made of glass, not metal.

With material made of glass and light color, it will make your room much brighter and more luxurious. It is often said that if the metal is for princes, then the glass is definitely for princesses. This saying exudes the beauty of a glass vase in the house of a girl. This vase was born exactly for the cute girls who want their room to become a palace.

Another point is that this glass vase will be very fragile if not careful, this is the reason most girls like glass and men do not because female friends are much more careful.

With a long stem design and narrow mouth, it will be great to put single flower spikes in it. This will make both the vase and the flower become one, becoming a wonderful decoration.

You can put both fake and real flowers because it will retain the water to help fresh flowers survive.

  • Luxurious design
  • Can arrange real flowers
  • trendy style
  • not suitable for men
  • Fragile

WGV Eiffel Tower Vase Best Values

The tall floor vase which is inspired by the Eiffel Tower
$20-$25$30-$35 Buy this item

6, Uniquewise Spun Bamboo Vase

Coming to the last vase on the list, we will return to the minimalist style.

There are still not too colorful designs, but the combination of brown and white colors still makes it exude a beauty of fashion and class.

This tall floor vase will be very suitable for those who are sober and peaceful. Because it bears the stamp of time, not overshadowed by today’s busy life.

So this vase will be great if placed in the living room or next to the reading table. The positive energy of wood will spread to everything around

  • Minimalist style
  • Light color
  • Can combine a variety of dried flowers and artificial flower
  • Unbreakable
  • Can’t hold water

Uniquewise Spun Bamboo Vase Best Values

Made for minimalists
$95.59$115.19 Buy this item


If you want your home to be cozier and not monotonous, the above vases are a great choice. You can decorate with any style you like, there is no limit. so they will be things that represent the lifestyle and personality of the owner. Let’s create for yourself a world that only belongs to you in your own home.

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