Looking for making a good coffee for your friends and yourself, but finding it hard to make the best coffee that will take away all the stress and give you a soothing and calming experience. Suppose you are a fan of coffee, then you would be well-known with Vietnamese drip coffee maker.

Vietnam is famous for its coffee. Because of its strong essence, thicker brew, good lingering taste, and the most important thing, the over-roasted beans of Vietnam, which makes it so special. Well, if you have an idea of making a good Vietnamese coffee, then you will need the perfect coffee maker, and a Vietnamese drip coffee maker is the ultimate solution for the best coffee.

Drip coffee maker is for those who like pour-over coffee or want to enjoy a good iced coffee while looking for a sunset; then this Vietnamese drip coffee maker is specially made for you. Here, we will give you the best five Vietnamese drip coffee maker options, which you can get based upon your preferred features and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee Filter Set, Coffee Infuser Set, Slow-Drip, Single-Cup Serving, Stainless Steel

To make a perfect Vietnamese-style coffee, this Vietnamese drip coffee maker is the best option for you. It can give you the amazing view of strong brew dripping slowly and then pouring in the cup where you sweetened condensed milk will be mixed inside and gave the perfect coffee. It is of high-quality standards, and unlike others where there is no screw-down part, this product has it which presses the coffee down slowly and firmly.

Vietnamese drip coffee maker


  • Slow and smooth methodical drip
  • 100% stainless steel used inside
  • Outside handles are rubber made
  • Stainless steel saucer
  • Include an infused brew chamber 
  • Stainless screw that helps in grinding the coffee.
  • Includes a screw-down part that presses down on the coffee, which makes it effective to use.
  • High-quality standards and great coffee brewer
  • Gives coffee the best slow drip
  • Perfect for making iced coffee.
  • Easy to use with its three filter sets.
  • Easy to clean and can be washed in a dishwasher, but most preferable is by hand.
  • Sometimes coffee drain issue occurs.
  • The filter grid is a little huge.

Vietnamese Coffee Maker or Press 8oz. Gravity Insert

This Vietnamese drip coffee maker is made straight out in Vietnam with good quality standards of stainless steel. It can press up to 8 oz. of coffee. You can enjoy a perfect traditional Vietnamese coffee by using this as it has a gravity insert that leads to an easier screw-down coffee brew. This slow dripper is a good match for making a nice cup of coffee or iced coffee.

Vietnamese drip coffee maker


  • Exceptional quality coffee filters.
  • Includes a manual that shows a pictorial representation of how to use this coffee maker. A pdf file is also sent to the customer for more ease.
  • The 8 ounce makes the perfect drip coffee.
  • Provides a strong coffee, as drainage is slow, which means the water drainage is slow, which leads to a thicker and lingering coffee.
  • Includes a gravity insert which is more efficient than a screw-down filter
  • High-quality stainless steel made in Vietnam
  • Slow dripper mechanism
  • A great experience and satisfaction level will be achieved
  • Lifetime warranty and money back guaranty within 90 days
  • The setting is a little complex requires patience
  • The pieces don’t fit together well in the coffee maker

Vietnamese Coffee Drip Filter Maker Manual Vietnamese Coffee Filter Stainless Steel for Coffee Shop for Milk Tea Shop

This Stainless Steel Vietnamese Coffee Filter Maker is best for making coffee as it includes the specialized Vietnamese coffee drip tool. It has a filter installed in it that prevents the coffee from floating on water. As if it floats, it ruins the taste of coffee. So this product uses heavy-duty stainless steel that makes the best coffee and can get clean very easily due to the easy assembling of parts. It has a standard quality that will guarantee that it will not contaminate and won’t lead to any rust. There will be no deformation of material as the food-grade steel is of premium quality.

Vietnamese drip coffee maker


  • While in a hurry, this coffee will make a quick coffee for you.
  • It can be used in coffee shops.
  • The filter is lightweight, and you can take it to tourist destinations as it is ideal for backpacking.
  • Efficiently use the coffee amount and doesn’t lead to spillage of coffee.
  • It has special filters for all kinds of ground coffee.
  • Easy cleaning as it gets assembled quickly
  • Delicate and beautiful design
  • Strong and durable due to stainless steel
  • Small and very budget-friendly
  • Rust-resistant and no color or deformation occur
  • Require gravity plug
  • As it is lightweight, so the perception of low quality comes to mind

Vietnamese Coffee Filter Stainless Steel Maker Pot Infuse Cup Serving Delicious Portable Stainless Steel Coffee Filters

This coffee filter is used in almost all coffee shops across Vietnam. This symbolizes that it is a good product for making perfect coffee as Vietnam is considered the second famous place is known for brewing coffee. The coffee for which you need to go to a coffee shop across town, now you can make Ca Phe Sua Da at home at your own ease. This is the famous Vietnamese coffee that you can make by using this Vietnamese drip coffee maker as it has a special coffee filter known as Phin. It comes in silver color and uses the material of stainless steel. A perfect way to make your day memorable.

Vietnamese drip coffee maker


  • Easy to use and a quick coffee maker.
  • The only product that is guaranteed is dishwasher safe, so you can now wash it in a dishwasher.
  • Includes Heavyweight gravity Damper.
  • Reusable and lightweight.
  • Doesn’t let the coffee bloom or float, meaning the water doesn’t float over coffee
  • Grounds get saturated and make perfect coffee as you will only need to wait for few minutes
  • Inexpensive and affordable
  • As it is lightweight, so it proves out perfect for travel and backpacking
  • Perfectly grind Anni coffee or Trung Nguyen Coffee by using this coffee filter
  • Sometimes an error of 0-3cm can occur due to manual measurement, which can lead some users to question the product

Vietnamese Coffee Maker Phin Pot Drip Coffee Filter Cup Stainless Steel Traditional Vietnam Coffee Brewing Tool for Office, Home

This Vietnamese drip coffee maker is the best tool for your office use. If you get tired while working on your schedule and assignments, then getting a cup of Vietnamese coffee will freshen up your mind. This simple machine is best known for office use, as you can make a great coffee by yourself as it is very easy. With a variety of colors that are available in it, you can customize the style based on your office background.

Vietnamese drip coffee maker


  • It uses a high-density filter that will make the best coffee.
  • With a beautiful and elegant look, this coffee maker will give you a soothing experience while it’s getting brewed.
  • It includes a pressure plate divider.
  • The material of stainless steel used is 304 stainless steel.
  • It includes a drip tray that will filter your coffee
  • Uses a Phin filter to make the best Vietnamese coffee
  • Durable and rust-resistant
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Sometimes it leads to coffee ground floating

Final Words

As you now have experience with various Vietnamese-style coffee makers. Most of the time, it depends on the user which type of coffee they want as it can vary from person to person. Some like it brewed and thick, some like it as foamy. So, all these products work the best, but each of them has some exceptions in which it lags. So it’s up to you to decide based upon your usage which one to buy and get the perfect Vietnamese style coffee.


Why my Vietnamese Coffee drips so fast?

If it’s dripping so fast, it means you need to add more Coffee in order to make the grind finer. By adding more Coffee, it will lead coffee drips to slow.

How much time does it take for Vietnamese Coffee to drip?

Usually, for the first drip, you will need to wait for 2 minutes, and it will take almost 5 min to 6 min to finish its process. After that, you can enjoy your Vietnamese Coffee.

Why is my Vietnamese Coffee not dripping?

If your Coffee is not dripping, then it can be due to any residual water present in the filter holes, as this process can lead to Coffee not getting properly brewed. Also, if not cleaned properly, then sometimes this can also cause the Coffee not to drip. 

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