Eagle – 1 of the Powerful Symbol of Native American

Why do Native Americans use eagles as their symbols for many centuries? What does Eagle mean for the Symbol of Native American? What makes an eagle special?   

Eagles are an important symbol of freedom and ego to US citizens and Native Americans as well. The feathers and bones of eagles are kept sacred for many centuries. Feathers are often used in traditional ceremonies only. Federal members and special tribes are enabled to own eagle feathers. 

Meaning behind the Eagle symbol

Eagle (waŋblí) is the head of all winged creatures and the association with the divine on the planet. Additionally, it is a representative of power and the connection of humanity and spirit. It manifests courage, fortitude, and savvy. 

symbol of native american
Native Americans are proud of their eagle’s symbol

Apart from the bird itself, some parts of this specific creature contain essential significance to Native American tribes. Though every part of an eagle has distinctive meanings, the symbol usually displays peace, focus, and prestige. 

People use the bones, for instance, to make flutes and other similar instruments for religious ceremonies. Eagle feathers represent loyalty in prayer rituals and communal meetings. 

In the business world, an eagle shows authority, responsibility, and leadership. Those who would like to have a true leader, a manager, or a high achiever; always create the eagle or build the spirit like a pioneer. 

They have a vision and believe in their talent of increasing self-discoveries and attempting to catch personal freedom. If you embrace the eagle symbolism in your life, nothing can stop you from forcing your limits. 

Myth of the Eagle – Symbol of Native American

In Celtic mythology, an eagle is conventionally considered as one of the eldest of all creatures, exceeded only by salmons in age and wisdom. The eagle of Gernabwy features appeared in the Welsh Mabinogion. 

The tale of Culhwch and Olwen has eagles. If Culhwch wants to reach the heart of his beloved, he must find the missing and supernatural child, called Mabon. He needs to bring a lot of animals for guidance and eagles are his options. 

Gold eagles occurred in Wales. When hearing the cries of this wise bird, it is said that a notable event probably comes. The birth of a great hero is an example of a special occasion. A long eagle on a crag is a sentry and a warning sign of enemies. A pair of an eagle is a peace symbol. 

Golden eagles are helpful because we could train them as effective falconry birds. The sizes, strength, and combativeness of these birds require a high standard to monitor risky situations and avoid injury risk. 

Since the Middle Ages, eagles were guarded in teams to hunt other animals such as wolves and deer in Asia while these birds were a special symbol for Emperors and Kings in Europe. For that reason, the eagle was also named “the royal eagle”. In the USA, people use golden eagles as the Ferruginous hawk because the birds provide amazing experiences with low risk.  

eagle symbol
Eagle could be a pioneer image in the real world

Eagle in Native American Culture

Eagle is the most excellent sacred bird among the Native American tribes. One of the most widespread features of Native American stories is using animals and the eagle is a prominent bird for an honored creature. Eagles and their feathers are symbols of love, friendship, leadership, courage, honor, bravery, and even magical power. 

Eagle feathers are precious, so those who receive these feathers are treated with high respect. Native Americans use eagle feathers to adorn sacred pipes because it is also a symbol of the Great Spirit with strength and powers. 

symbol of native american
Eagle in Native American Culture

The symbol of eagle or variations is common in the North Pole and Southern parts of Argentina. Although each tribe has a distinctive story, all of them often contain similarities in features.

Native Americans increase the eagle’s symbol in a higher step. They believe that eagles can convey their wishes to the Great Spirit and make a special association with visions for their tribes. Feathers provide rich value while the bones are made to the flutes and whistles at rituals, religious ceremonies, and other traditional events. 

Some tribes in Native American assume that eagles are the only creatures to see the Creator (God Father). They express words and messages on their wings from humans to the Great Spirit. For that reason, we always find eagles in traditional ceremonies and dances in the Native American region. They never throw eagle feathers away. 

Eagles are considered a valuable animal in medicine, killing or hunting eagles is prohibited. Eating eagle meat is not allowed in several tribes. A person who eats eagle meat has become a monster.

Bald eagle, creature of nature, and an American Symbol

The Bald Eagle has been the national icon of the USA since 1782. This is a proud symbol of Americans, describing strength, authority, and power, placing on the seal. The word “bald” comes from “balde” – an old English word, which is the white color. The image of Bald Eagle is a seabird with a white head. Some States that have bald eagles in their flags or seals are Alabama, Illinois, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

Bald eagles are large raptors that are identifiable in brown bodies and wings, whiteheads and tails, and yellow beaks. Their feet are also yellow with sharp talons in black. Juvenile bald eagles have brown bodies but some marks are white, which are wings and chests. As they get older, their bills turn from dark to yellow while tails and heads come to white. 

You can find real bald eagles in Florida (along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, as well as around inland river systems). There is no shortage of eagles in Flagler County of Florida and they often fly up near the ocean.

Some sport brands have eagles in logo

Bald eagles have been displayed in many comic books, like Superman, Captain America, and Super Girl. Some covers of other books also include eagles. Eagles have been issued in different versions of coins and money papers. The first coin with a bald eagle appeared in a Massachusetts cent in 1776.

Final Words

In Native American culture, it is said that all things contain an essential virtue, wisdom, power, and honor. Feathers are the bravest and strongest when it comes to the eagle symbol of Native Americans over decades. 

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