Bear in Native American – A Strong and Gentle Spirit of Native American Tribes

Bear in Native American are friends of humans due to their personalities. In some Native American tribes, bears are the powerful spirit animals that God give them.

Bears have been represented throughout history by different cultures and societies. This is a common animal featuring in several stories, folklores, legends, and mythology all over the world – ranging from North America, Asia, and Europe. 

In the 20th century, bears appear in pop culture with diverse profile characters and stories such as the Three Bears, Rupert Bear, Paddington Bear, Winnie the Pooh, etc. Today, we will depict the bear in certain aspects, especially in the symbolism and culture of the Native Americans.

Bear symbolism means…

A bear is representative of protection, power, courage, and strength. As a creature of the forest, bears have controlled Earth’s energy. So, bears also represent a vigorous part of the planet. They can enjoy the sweet things of life, providing crucial lessons of relishing life to other animals – full of energy, having fun, and being inquisitive. 

Bear in Native american
Bear is a widespread symbol of protection in a family and an organization

Your feeling of a bear is diverse – fear, curious, interested in their actions, etc. depending on the circumstance of your rendezvous. If you want to have a unique bear encounter, you will need to discover about them initially. 

Draw attention to what blows out with you. These are the most popular encounters to connect this animal, understand the deeper spiritual and symbolic meaning. 

Patience and connection 

A bear could show you how easy to connect the Earth’s energy and celestial forces. Touch them like you are tapping into the wax. Then, you probably realize that your life will be waned and fly. Hibernate to the right place and right time. Bears teach us that the ideas or projects come at a better time when presenting themselves.  

Confidence and dominance 

By the physical presence, the bears remind humans that we possibly enlarge our lives if we improve our abilities and level our inherent status up. Furthermore, no one asks questions when you are a leader and do the accurate strategies. The authoritative presence also plays an important role that bears can impart a lesson to us.  

Nurturing and protection 

Female bears often commit these two things to their offspring. We should add two of these attributes of bears in our minds. The bears will provide you with the determination to create great results for your children or ideals. A female bear is an exemplary mother and she is also a symbol of motherhood and child protection.

Bear in Native American culture

Bear symbolism is also one of the most widespread icons in the Native American tribes. For them, bears have magical and healing powers, so they also use bears in medicine. Bear is a symbol of wisdom and strength. Bears become the spirit animal in divine ceremonies.        

Bear in Native american

Bears are usually one of the most crucial and popular clan animals in Native American culture. Here are a few Native American tribes who respect bears at most: 

  • The Creek: whose bear clan is named Nokosalgi or Nokosvlke
  • The Chippewa: whose bear clan and totems are called Nooke
  • The Algonquian:  the Mi’kmaq and Menominee, the Huron and Iroquois
  • The Plains: Caddo and Osage, the Hopi
  • The Navajo and Pueblo of New Mexico
  • Northwest Coast: Tlingit, Tsimshian, Nisgaa-Gitksan, and Salishan

Because of the power of bears, those beliefs are built. Even after they were hurt, the capability of this animal is continuing to heal and fight. The Pueblo tribes choose the blue color and bears as the West’s guardian. 

The Zunis, on the other hand, make a totem by drawing it in stones to provide luck and protection. The bear symbolism displays in charms and necklaces. It is used as the power and strength of warriors due to their claws and teeth.  

For most of the Native American tribes, the bear spirit is respected. It is so rude to speak the name outside rituals. Killing the head bear meant huge luck for hunters. In the folklore of the Native Americans, they describe this animal as a being that confers judgment among others. At once, bears are credulous and easy to trick.

Bear in Native american
Strong and gentle is the bear representative of the Native American culture

When we talk about the bear, this animal shows us the long path of history about the First People of North America. As the Native American symbol, the bear is as self-determining in spirit like the wind, and as magnificent as the universe within it lives. Bear is an immense animal that rummages peacefully in the forest. However, when aroused in many ways, people witnessed savagery expressed from the bear that could be a terror. 

Most Native American tribes honored the warrior spirit of the bears and attest to embody that the bear is a kind of blind, courageous spirit, and powerful gush. Every warrior always wants to tap into the strength of bears. Several tribes also respect bears for non-violence behaviors simultaneously.  

Moreover, the Native Americans used bears to explain natural seasons throughout the year. It happens in the sun, awakes the Earth, and inherits things to life, for instance. When summer comes, the bears come across the top of heaven preventing hunters. The hot breath of bears flows across the land, so the world is hotter. 

For them, the bear provided life to the Earth. The bears were therefore a Mother-symbol of the Native Americans. She raises her babies up and helps her husband to protect their cubs. 

Some tribes also made necklaces from bear claws like the Sioux bear necklace. A necklace is considered to give spiritual power. Wearing a bear claw necklace might mean well-being health and strong protection to Native Americans wearing it every day. They are not traded, but they are a special gift only. 

Even nowadays, some also believe that wearing that necklace is a type of good therapy for their health. It is a good way to consume medicine, with protection and strength for those who keep a bear claw necklace. 

Final Words

The bear spirit shows us that we need to make an effort for those we love and that which we keep dear. Those you love could be family members, close friends, best dears, partners, or even a group of people who are suffering under powers. The bear also wakes you up to protect your ideas, vision, beliefs, and goals for the future. The bear spirit is the essential guardian.  



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