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What Do We Do?

My name is Mai Duc Anh and I’m the owner of topbestselect.com
Back in 2018 I was looking for a brand new ceramic teapot for my wife, and typed in a few search terms into Google to see if I could find the best ceramic teapot for a beginner. I was shocked to see the rubbish that appeared in that search result. So much so I decided to create my own review site that properly put together a group of top products that are truly the best in that product class.

At  Top Best Select, we review different products. For the last few years, we’ve had the goal of becoming one of the best product review sites out there we have compiled lists and rankings in categories that include for home, technologies, travel, and a whole lot more.

Our reviews are targeted to be the best combination of product comparison, expert analysis and industry data so you can find the right product for your needs.

We also know that everyone’s needs are different. We know the features found in our top choices of  top best ceramic teapot may not appeal to someone wanting Enjoy delicious tea, and the price tag of our top pick in 15 Small Bedroom Decor Ideas on a Budget may be a bit out of everyone’s price reach. The good news is, that we’ll show you many other products that have all been researched, reviewed and ranked as among the best in that category.

Why Do We Do It?

Navigating today’s tech and gadgets, whether it’s for the hometravel or the garden, can be tough. Sure, it would be awesome if you could fill your shopping cart with the 10 best products, take them home, try them out for a week and return the nine you don’t want.

Unfortunately, that’s the stuff of fairy tales. None of us have the time.

Most of us don’t have the energy. And very few of us have the money to buy 5 different best speakers in the world.

That’s where we come in. We do all the research, so you don’t have to.

How Do We Keep the Lights On?

We’re serious about our editorial integrity, but we do try to monetize our reviews. That may include traditional advertising, sponsorships, lead generation or affiliate relationships.

To be clear, these methods of monetization in no way affect the rankings of the products, services or companies we review. We use these various revenue streams not only to support our staff, but also to purchase products for review.

How Often Do We Update Our Reviews?

You may have noticed that some of our reviews and rankings are slow to update. That could be because very little has changed in a particular product group. For example, food processors have not changed very much in the past 10 years, so until something better comes along, you might not see an update to our review in 12 months – or until the new models arrive.

Other categories, like gaming, change quite a bit as new laptops seem to be announced all the time.

First and foremost, we are a review site – not a news site. We won’t have updates and announcements of new product launches or news about upcoming changes to the latest and greatest gadget before its released.

Contact me: ducanhit066@gmail.com

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