15 Small Bedroom Decor Ideas on a Budget

It is said that embellishing a small bedroom on a budget is an impossible mission. For me, it is still an available thing to do. The point here is finding small bedroom decor ideas on a budget and applying some. Whether your bedroom is not large in a condo, you still decorate the room without spending tons of dollars on your account.

Use wall papers

This is the first thing you should think about changing something in your bedroom. Wallpapers have many patterns. Kate 7x5ft 3D Paper Flowers Wall is an example. The company provides 7 styles!

You also can find different wallpapers in any decoration shop. Come to a local shop or order some on the website like Amazon depending on your choice. Just make sure that you realize dimensions and sizes to match on walls. Additionally, you should know how to hang it up to the wall.

Bring more lights in your bedroom

Bedroom lighting is variable between basic and dramatic types. As always, lighting is a key tool in your house design, especially your bedroom design. Depending on your style and the room, decorate bedroom with lights are flexible from neon bedroom lights, glided bedroom lights, bedside lights, to built-in lamps.

I often read books in my bed, so I prefer adding more bedside lights. TaoTronics TT-DL13B LED Desk Lamp is my option as it is a versatile tool with different functions inside.

Decorate bedroom dresser top

Along with your bed, a dresser is the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom. It also plays an important role in making the room’s style. The dresser top is a catchall for staying unread books, dishes, and jewelry.

To make it more beautiful, you can hang a small collection on the wall or putting a single piece of artwork. I select Vanity Beauty Station as this is a 2-in-1 model which I can use it as the dressing table and the storage capacity. With a flip mirror and an open mirror, it becomes a dressing table. After using, it will be the storage space.

Change your bed sheet

Do you know what makes your bedroom attractive for the first time of seeing for someone? It is the bed sheet! It sounds simple but it is true. The room will be elegant and fashionable or not relying on how well the bed.

Thus, if your bed sheet is a little old or not beautiful anymore, this is a great time to change. Open your wardrobe and remove some old sheets. Then, go to the supermarket or a shop to purchase some.

Like wallpapers, there are lots of sheets you can choose and buy. In my opinion, I pick a collection because a shop probably offers several packages and flexible sizes for me.

I also pay close attention to the material in order to select suitable ones. American Home Collection is my favorable brand as the manufacturer gives me high-quality bed sheets with good service.

Increase pillows in the bed

It is incredible to add more pillows in your bed because it is also a way to upgrade the room with a new look. Pillows could be nice and comfortable, but you should not put more than half of your bed.

Two sets of pillows and a lumbar one are enough. Different textures will also make your room more magnificent. With pillows, we can buy those in any store because they are also common items.

It is easy to choose from, but you should draw attention to the materials as these are key points to think of high-quality pillows. My sister buys Digital Decor Set of Two 100% Cotton because she loves Cotton Hypoallergenic Fabric. This makes her sleep condition better every night.

Add more fresh flowers on nightstand

Artificial flowers are great to save your time of keeping them clean, but you feel the room is fine with some pieces of color only. You will be amazing if you add more fresh flowers to your bedroom, the nightstand, for instance. You can add some colorful blooms at weekends with essential oils to stay on relaxed.

Make a flexible display

You probably find frame-less ways to show postcards, postcards, and images. Decorate a room with pictures are common solutions to any house no matter how big or small it is.

Stag pictures or make images to help the room cooler and having outstanding look. All of the images are not difficult to turn around as you have not to spend a huge amount of money on frames and mounts.

Use old doors to decorate bedroom without headboard

We usually see a bed with a headboard. However, it does not mean all beds have headboards. Do not worry about this point because you might use a set of wooden doors and a good patina buying from the flea market.

Then, insert them between the wall and your bed. If doors are heavy, you will need to keep them to the wall first. In case you cannot find those, you could hang some beautiful fabrics.

Hang some accessories

If you have small accessories to hang on the walls or doors, you can create a cohesive pattern. You do not only keep space in your bedroom but also creating purposed décor. GBtroo Rustic Wall Sconces are charming to hang in any room or anywhere else in your bedroom.

Make your own plant corner

Decorate your bedroom with plants is a smart way to help your house looks fabulous. If you have empty areas, create a plant corner is amazing. You can buy many pots and put them on the floor or choosing a shelf and adding small pots. My condo is quite small, so I just purchase a set of five succulent plants in the bedroom. They do not require fertilizer and I can plant them as easy as pie.

Use floating shelves

Floating shelves are good solution to show dimensional décor. They also give additional space to set your necessary items inside like the Rustic Farmhouse 3 Tier Floating Wood Shelf. The shelf is so great to put your pieces of decoration inside.

Hang mirrors

Mirrors are special tools to make the room wider and fancier. They are not only bought for keeping price, but they are also simple to find and put them on walls. Any thrift shop or a yard sale is often available for anyone. Hans&Alice Full Length Bedroom is a good idea to put in the bedroom with both classic and modern style.

Expand space to hang pictures on the wall

You think that your bedroom is so small without putting something like the picture frames. Fortunately, you can change the situation by using clothespins and other Christmas lights. This is an awesome way to add your pictures on the wall.

Put a romantic canopy

If you want your suite is totally wonderful, put a flowing canopy of the Hihotel 4 Corner Post Bed Canopy is the quickest way to gain it. It has a gorgeous part and bohemian one. This is not really bad idea for small bedroom decor idea on a budget.

Go to vintage style

Do not think that you have to add wooden pieces to get the vintage style. There are many ways to do that. For example, you might change the finish on some pieces of furniture to redesign your bedroom. Add rustic souvenirs are a genius way to make your room looks ingenuous.

The ring box is the product that I found on the day of go shopping with my friends. The present is special for couples who will be married or already done. For me, it is ideal for anyone if they can realize an amazing thing inside (no matter we have partners or not).

Final Words

Design a small bedroom is so fascinating, particularly when it should be on a budget. The decorating process will require different methods as the house and bedroom sizes are not similar. Luckily, you do not have to hire a professional designer as you can add some small bedroom decor ideas on a budget above.

  1. Color sets the mood in the bedroom like nothing else. Choose from a wide array of color options for your room’s decor to set a mood that is perfect for you.

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